Surprising new job-hunting potholes and how to avoid them

Inside unexpected findings on interviews, etiquette and more

The rules of landing a job continue to shift and CareerBuilder has provided you with a map for avoiding them.

Its latest survey polled more than 5,000 job seekers and 2,700 hiring managers on what to expect during the hiring process.

Here are several scenarios the survey uncovered that may surprise you:

Be prepared to interview with C-level execs

Nearly 40% of hiring managers polled said they require job candidates to interview with senior management. Even if you're not meeting with the CEO, prep as if you were and you'll be ahead of the game.

Make sure your online presence is spotless

This is a no-brainer, but bears repeating: Assume hiring managers will research you online and edit your social media presence accordingly.

They study found:

  • 48% of employers Google a candidate
  • 44% will find you on Facebook (Here's how to clean up your profile.)
  • 27% will look for you on Twitter
  • 23% will check Yelp, Glassdoor or other rating sites

Know the company with which you're interviewing

Lack of skills is still the main reason people aren't hired, the survey found. But two surprises:

  • 23% will dismiss a candidate who is not a good fit with their company culture (Here's a hint on that.)
  • 18% eliminate candidates whose salary requirements are too high

If you’re expecting management pay, don’t interview for an entry-level job. Similarly, if you hate to wear ties, don’t apply for the traditional corporate job. Don’t waste your time – or the employer’s.

Write a thank-you note after the interview

Are thank-you notes holdovers from birthday presents from Grandma or legit job-seeking tools? The latter, the survey finds.

Fifty-eight percent of employers say it's important to write a thank-you after an interview; 24% say it's very important. That's 82% of hiring managers who are expecting a note. Mom was right, get writing.

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