5 free iWork alternatives that let you get real work done on a Mac

Angry with Apple's upgrade that killed many iWork features? Get these free alternatives that get real work done.

If you're one of the many people angry that Apple took away many features of iWork in its new upgrade, here's good news for you: I've got five free iWork alternatives that let you get real work done on your Mac.

Apache OpenOffice

This Office suite, once known as OpenOffice.org, now under the aegis of the Apache Software Foundation, has a word processor, presentation software, database, math program, and drawing software. There are also versions for Windows and Linux.

Libre Office

Here's an offshoot of OpenOffice.org, and it's a very good one. In fact, it's better than the original. As with Apache OpenOffice, there are versions for Windows and Linux as well.


Here's yet one more offshoot of the original OpenOffice.org, this one written only for the Mac. Unlike Apache OpenOffice, and Libre Office, it has some features specifically written for the Mac, such as native Mac OS X highlighting, native file locking, native floating tool windows, and more.

IBM Lotus Symphony

This office suite has a long, complex history which you don't really need to know. But what's good to know is that it's a very good productivity suite from IBM that works with Macs, Linux, and Windows.

Google Docs

This free, Web-based productivity suite from Google is great not only for working on documents by yourself, but collaborating with others. Given that it's Web-based, it works with any device you've got.

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