Is There a Windows Phone Uprising in Your Enterprise?

Windows Phone is gaining market share? It's only a small number, but as Computerworld's Preston Gralla notes it's significant because of who the provider is (Microsoft) and who it's battling against (Apple and Android). For most of the recent smartphone history, it's been an iPhone and Android world, especially from an enterprise IT management standpoint. But is there a Windows Phone requirement in your future? And what about BlackBerry? And maybe a new smartphone from HP?

Though the recent numbers for the formerly dominant enterprise mobile device (aka BlackBerry) aren't trending up, I think the company's new models (the Z10 and Q10) will probably gain more users over the summer and fall. Whether or not BlackBerry's big push to keep developers in their camp succeeds is another story. But the dual-persona ability to let BlackBerry devices more easily separate personal and business functions may get more enterprise buy-in than in the general consumer world.

I think a similar push may benefit the Windows Phone, which still has its detractors. If Microsoft can prove or demonstrate that Windows Phone is a better enterprise fit, and syncs better with Office, that may be all the momentum Redmond needs to mount a serious challenge to iOS and Android. Is this something you are seeing already in your corporation? Are there islands of Windows Phone users shouting for support?

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