Enterprise Genius Bar: A Brilliant Idea

A "genius bar" for enterprise mobile users -- what's not to like about that concept? As CIO Magazine's Tom Kaneshige reports, the pluses of putting an Apple-store like Genius Bar on your campus are many, especially when it comes to management of BYOD.

A couple years ago I profiled a similar effort from a local big software company, which rolled out a "device rental" unit to let employees test-drive different devices to find out which one suited them best. It wasn't a genius bar per se, but I bet the experiment has morphed into something like a genius bar by now, since it was run by corporate IT with the understood desire to get a better grip on what people were using when mobile, and how they were using it.

When it comes to customer support, the genius bar is a revolution in customer care. The idea that you don't have to make an appointment, don't have to call in a trouble ticket, don't have to deal with a traditional support team that is "way backed up" is nothing short of amazing for most people. Yes it requires resources, both human and capital-based. But I can't imagine a better way to get a grip on what is happening on the mobile user front of an enterprise than by opening up a genius-bar like outlet.

I think things like an enterprise genius bar and an enterprise app store are just the start of more "consumerization" of the enterprise, all good things in the name of helping the business deal with the rise in mobility. Is your enterprise ready for an enterprise genius bar? Do you have one already? Or is this something you could never see happening where you work?

Photo credit: Apple.com

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