Mad Catz's MOJO and BlueStacks' GamePop: More options for playing mobile games on your TV

Credit: Source: Mad Catz

The big news at E3 this year of course is the Xbox One and Playstation 4, but what if you're not ready to fork over $400-$500 for a console and $60 a pop for new games? Well there seems to be a new 'genre' in the gaming world that might be just right for you. Mobile games on your TV.

We've talked plenty about the Ouya and the Gamestick already. Both are low cost ($99 and $79 respectively) Android devices that are just in the process of launching. Now Mad Katz wants in on the fun. At E3 they introduced Project M.O.J.O. which is yet another device aimed at bringing Android games to your TV.

Mad Catz is enjoying its honeymoon period, assuring us it is more powerful than the competition without actually offering any specifications or pricing info. It's supposed to be out for this holiday season. The controller that comes with MOJO is called C.T.R.L and it'll work both with MOJO and with your existing Android device.

Best guess is that MOJO will be powered by a Tegra 4 SOC but that really is only a guess. The one thing that really differentiates the MOJO is that Mad Catz says it'll have access to the Google Play and Amazon App Stores, so your existing games will be ready to roll when you hook up your MOJO.

Another option is Bluestack's GamePop, which we've talked about once before. GamePop's business model is a little different. Instead of a game store, you subscribe to the GamePop service for $7/month and get access to 500+ games. The hardware to do this will cost you $139 unless you pre-order before the end of June. If you do pre-order and cancel your service before 12 months are up, you have to return the console and pay a $25 restocking fee.

None of this is news, but GamePop had a big announcement late last week. Not only will they include Android games, but their service will offer iOS games as well. They're accomplishing this via a technology they call Looking Glass which re-creates the iOS API. BlueStack says all an iOS developer needs to do is change their payment model to work with GamePop's subscription service and they're done. Since GamePop doesn't run iOS or Apple's App Store, Apple can't object, at least in theory.

The Verge has more details on GamePop, but we still don't have a release date. And it seems like they're sticking with that impractical 'sunken cube' design that Boxee once used.

What's interesting is that there are so many products coming to such an untested market. Sure both Ouya and GameStick had successful Kickstarter campaigns but a few hundred thousand enthusiasts aren't enough to keep a whole product category afloat. Do people really want to play Android (or iOS) games on their TV? I guess we'll find out.

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