Early dismissal Friday: the official Fakeblock app

Arrested Development launches both its own app and a parody of app marketing

Credit: Image via FakeBlock.com

I wrote two longer posts this week, one rounding up all the neatest Pebble apps and integrations, one a longer take on Google Voice's deficiencies. I feel somewhat pressed for more discussion on the merits of various platforms. Luckily, Netflix has just delivered a nice piece of woodgrain frivolity.

Spoiler alert: if you intend to watch all of season 4 of Arrested Development on Netflix, and you don't want a joke of delicious misunderstanding revealed, just Control/Command+W right now. Your page view is already registered, good sir or lady.

Head to Fakeblock.com and grab the app that George Michael has been slaving over for months, for iOS or Android. It launches with Facebook styling, but quickly drops into what's most important: a wooden surface on which to tap and bring out true woodblock sounds, differentiated by where you tap (I think, unless it's just randomized).

Does this mean that Netflix believes we all should have finished up Season 4 of Arrested Development by now? I suppose so, but I also think it's a joke about apps, and app marketing, and smartphone app tie-ins to shows. Fakeblock has "features," such as "High-fidelity woodblock tones" and a "Woodgrain theme." And the landing page is pretty much a spot-on parody of app-page styling. It's the kind of ironic verisimilitude that saturates Arrested Development, and that's the whole point, right?

Anyways, enjoy being part of an extremely on-time band. And have a great weekend.

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