And you thought the Cone of Silence was a joke [CARTOON]

Thanks to the NSA, you can’t be too careful these days

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Who's crazy now?

Anybody else feeling extra paranoid these days, now that we know what the NSA has been busy doing? The Cone of Silence doesn’t sound so crazy now, does it? Could be the perfect last minute Father’s Day gift for the conspiracy-theorist dad in your life.

Well, anyway, here now is a rundown of some big tech stories from the past week - all of which the NSA knew way before we did.

Microsoft announced this week that the new Xbox One will cost $499. That price includes a Kinect and unlimited monitoring of your house by the NSA.

The ACLU filed a lawsuit against the NSA on Tuesday for spying on Verizon customers. Not surprisingly, the NSA knew about it on Monday.

Apple announced iOS 7 on Monday, which no longer has a skeuomorphic design. Don’t worry, Tim Cook has no idea what that means either.

On Tuesday, Google announced that it had bought the Israel-based mapping startup Waze for just over $1 billion. They sealed the deal by stepping on a glass.

On Wednesday Facebook began supporting hashtags in posts. They say will make it organizing and searching Facebook content a lot easier for the NSA.

ESPN announced that they will stop broadcasting in 3D at the end of this year. If only there were some other way to watch sports in 3D...

Last week at a North Carolina middle school, President Obama demanded high-speed Internet access for all public schools. After joining the students for lunch, Obama also demanded that all public schools get better tater tots.

Yahoo is threatening to deactivate email accounts that have been inactive for a year. Most people haven’t responded - since Yahoo sent the news to their Yahoo emails.

Mark Zuckerberg was grilled by Facebook shareholders during a meeting on Tuesday. Here’s how uncomfortable it was: he sweated through three hoodies.

The city of Berlin decided this week to not convert their IT systems to open source. It’s not surprising; the Germans don’t like to rush into anything - aside from Paris.

Have a great Father’s Day, dads - and don’t let the fact that the NSA will be watching creep you out.

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