IT pros: Most likely to gain weight

51% report gaining weight at current job

High-stress jobs with long hours (sound familiar?) are most likely to cause weight gain.

A new CareerBuilder study ranks IT as the third most-likely profession to report weight gain, with more than half of IT pros saying they’ve become less fit since taking their current gig.

What's causing expanding waistlines?

  • Sitting at my desk most of the day – 56%
  • Eating because of stress - 35%
  • Eating out regularly - 26%
  • The temptation of the office candy jar - 17%
  • Having to skip meals because of time constraints - 17%

"Weight gain at work often comes from a combination of poor eating habits when you're on the go and not being able to fit a workout into a busy schedule. Two in five workers don't exercise on a regular basis and one in ten don't exercise at all," said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of Human Resources at CareerBuilder. "Whether it's daily walks with a co-worker or taking advantage of company wellness benefits, it's important to find a way to stay active."

And how, exactly, can you happily combine your career and your health? Read on for tips on how to sneak in activity, stay hydrated and manage your food intake.

[via CareerBuilder]

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