IT pros finding more jobs, offers abound in 2013

Tech hiring survey: More IT pros job hunting - and turning down offers

The latest via Dice hiring survey shows more tech professionals voluntarily quitting their positions this year than in 2012, as the U.S. market continues to create more opportunities. Corporate tech hiring managers report more job seekers are also turning down offers than they were just six months ago.

"Pay is clearly a driving force in accepting a new position," according to Dice. "When the initial job offer is declined, 30% of hiring managers said their offer was slightly lower (between 0-5%) than the candidates’ expectations, with another 28% noting their offer was substantially lower by as much as 10%."

The uptick in offers and opportunities is not surprising, according to survey results, as nearly three-quarters of those polled say they intend to hire more tech pros in the second half of this year than they did the first six months.

Compared with last year, nearly half (45%) are hiring more full-time and contact staff, while 15% say they're looking for more part-timers.

And where are these jobs? Pretty much anywhere but the South (sorry, y'all).

“The biggest jumps in hiring intentions were from those with company headquarters in the Midwest, West and East, including the Northeast,” said Tom Silver, senior vice president, “Each market has its own unique story, but in the end, it’s just a good job market for technology professionals.

[via Dice]

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