Microsoft offers to "chip in" for your (or your kid's) college computer

If you're thinking of buying a PC for a student this summer, Microsoft wants to offer you a deal you won't refuse

Every summer, computer companies roll out the back-to-school offers, with things like a free Xbox or free iPod with your computer purchase. While Microsoft might have another offer in the works for later, right now it's offering to contribute to your PC-buying campaign.

Yes, that's right, a campaign. The Chip In program encourages anyone with an .edu email address to crowdsource their next Windows PC. Microsoft will contribute 10% of the cost of your selected Windows PC and throw in Office 365 University. You create a profile and then beg cajole ask family and friends to contribute to your cause.

So basically it's a 10% discount on a Windows PC from the Microsoft Store and free Office 365 University, with a Kickstarter-like element thrown in (you know, to teach kids some entrepreneurial skills). Of course, you could contribute the 90% needed to buy the laptop.

The program runs through September 1st.

I'm a big fan of Microsoft's Store because it's one of the few places that doesn't charge a restocking fee and it has a generous return policy. That said, you should also compare this offer with any computer deals or discounts provided by your school itself, because those could be substantial.

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