IT: No. 1 master's degree for jobs, salary

IT master's delivers best salary, job growth

A master's in IT is the No. 1 best graduate degree to get right now. Based on salary, long-term opportunities and job-growth data, an advanced IT degree will pay off big.

"People with a master's in information systems are generally trained to be managers for IT workers," says Katie Bardaro, Payscale's lead economist. "Therefore, when you combine management with a growing industry you experience top pay and employment prospects. Job opportunities in this field are predicted to grow faster than average."

Additionally, high demand for tech workers combined with relatively low supply (relative to all other workers out there) drive up the pay for these positions." Low supply + high demand = get thee to the registrar's office, stat. And if that doesn't have you searching for your undergrad transcript, there's more. Job growth for positions associated with an IT master's is expected to grow by 30% now through 2020.

Check out the 9 other careers IT beat for the No. 1 spot (better luck next time, physicists), as well as the master's with the worst long-term prospects, starting with, we presume: Xbox One development team.

[via Forbes]

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