Show Us Your App Stores!

Who doesn't like the idea of an enterprise app store? If you need a list of reasons here is a compilation of 5 reasons to build an enterprise app store, and I've talked about why they are a good idea before. Now I have a new challenge: I want you to tell us about your app store. If you do, I'll profile your company's efforts on the Mobile Enterprise 360 home page.

Why am I willing to write these profiles? Because I think enterprise app stores are a great idea, but I also wonder how many are really in existence. My guess is that most are still in the planning stages, with folks trying to figure out the best ways to build the stores, which apps to include, and how to train users to access apps through the company store. Like I said, a great idea. But is anyone really putting the idea into practice? So far I don't see too many user stories. So this challenge is a bit of a barometer. Show us your app store -- if you have one.

Maybe I'm wrong about there not being many app store deployments. If so, step up to the plate. Send an email to me at with your company name, some info about your app store efforts, and an appropriate contact, and I'll do the rest.

What I'd like to hear about are not just successful app store implementations, but unsuccessful starts and premature finishes as well. We can leave company names out if you're shy. But I think it would greatly assist the enterprise app store ecosystem if we can start compiling a list of wins and losses. If we get enough participants, we might see some trends or shared troubles emerge, and then they can be better addressed. Who knows, your troubles or successes might spur some innovation that helps your firm somewhere down the line. But we'll never know unless we start talking about it more, right now. Visit the Mobile Enterprise 360 community to join the discussion.

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