Twitter Chat TODAY: Mobile Security

Why is security in the mobile collaboration environment of such great concern? Should mobile security requirements be tailored to specific user groups, like employees, managers, contractors? And whose responsibility is security? All these questions and more are waiting for your answer during our next Twitter chat, which takes place on Weds., June 26, at 11 a.m. PT, 2 p.m. ET, using the hashtag #BYOD4Biz. Twitter chat regular

@MEnterprise360 How do you integrate security into mobile? Who’s responsibility is security?Does the business sometimes just win?

— Brian Katz (@bmkatz) June 25, 2013 I like his ending part, about whether "the business just wins," because my thinking is that a lot of good security intentions go by the wayside when people make decisions to "just get things done." So is there a time and a place for security? Or can it be integrated into mobile so it's non-intrusive, meaning that people will actually use it? Let us know what you think by joining in at 11 am PT, 2 pm ET, hashtag #BYOD4Biz. If you've never done a Twitter chat before and need some help, shoot me an email to paul at, happy to help. We've got a good crew of opinionated regulars who are great at dissecting complex topics... looking forward to this one, since it hits home to everyone and anyone who's mobile. Which is all of us.

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