If the Mobile Device Doesn't Work, Then Neither Will You

It may just be one person's opinion, but in readingNancy Gohring's review of why she almost never uses her Surface RT device I see a lot of what is probably making the device a non-starter in the mobile enterprise world. And it also strengthens my thinking that Microsoft devices have a long way to go before they make the market indent some folks think is their inevitable birthright.

I hear those of you who long for a Windows-friendly mobile device that can do the things an iPad can do, but with Microsoft app compatibility built in. Heck, even Bill Gates thinks the application benefits of Windows devices makes them the eventual overall market winners.

But when it comes to devices, the little things are big things. Being slow to launch apps or doing weird quirky things with Bluetooth that screw up your existing stack of mobile or wireless devices is a big drawback for a new mobile device. It's the kind of thing that when it happens, makes you want to take it back to the store.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there are users out there already, using Surface RT to do things they couldn't do before. If so, let's hear from you. Otherwise get ready for more stories like Nancy's before the eventual "Surface RT is being discontinued" headline surfaces.

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