How Pinterest (yes, Pinterest) can help you find a job

Why Pinterest is a valuable career resource.

"…an increasingly useful platform for job seekers and prospective career changers of all ages."

LinkedIn, right?

Surprisingly, that describes Pinterest, which has morphed from an addictive repository/scrapbook of visual bookmarks about wedding planning, comfort food and household hints into a helpful social network tool you can use to advance your career

Pinterest can help if you want to:

  • Change careers. If you’re thinking about changing job fields, Pinterest is a good place to get general information and advice on your prospective new career.
  • Research employers. Companies are jumping on the site as a way to enhance and promote their brands and organizations, which makes it another avenue for finding out about an employer’s culture, latest projects and more.
  • Get advice. Get career-coaching tips from experts, who share their latest information and how-tos. 

"You might want to start using Pinterest as a jobs tool even if you’re a few decades beyond your 20s – whether you’re a woman or a man – and even if you’ve never spent a second on Pinterest previously," says career coach Nancy Collamer.

[via Next Avenue]

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