NSA leakers shouldn’t use Priceline to book travel [CARTOON]

Sometimes the lowest price isn’t always the best option

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Will you be flying asylum seeking or non-asylum seeking?

Poor Ed Snowden, still stuck in the Moscow airport and still waiting to hear if Ecuador has granted him asylum. At this point, he may be wondering if being stuck in an airport indefinitely is worse than being in prison. After all, at least prisoners get to shower once in awhile. Plus, we all know how ridiculous those airport prices are. $10 (or more) for a prepackaged turkey club sandwich? Insane! Jail must be looking better by the minute.

Anyway, while Snowden dominated the news again this week, there were a few other tech stories of note. Here’s a review of the past week in tech...

Edward Snowden fled Hong Kong on Sunday by taking an Aeroflot flight to Moscow. The flight was so bad that afterwards he asked for JetBlue for asylum.

Snowden remains stuck in Russia, unable to leave because his passport was revoked. Now, in addition to his legal problems, he also has a drinking problem.

The computer used in the movie WarGames is up for sale. The seller says it still smells “Brodericky”

Three Chinese astronauts returned safely from a mission on Tuesday, during which they docked with the Tiangong 1 space station. The  Tiangong 1 is like the ISS, but smaller and with more MSG.

This week Sony launched a new version of its SmartWatch, which can be used to read email and text message. Sony says the next version may even tell time.

A panda missing from the National Zoo in Washington, DC was found on Monday with the help of people on Twitter. Officials said he would’ve been found earlier if they’d gotten help from the people on Foursquare.

6 million Facebook users had their contact info inadvertently exposed last week. Personal info is so insecure on Facebook now that even the NSA has deleted its account.

The surviving members of Pink Floyd wrote an editorial opposing a bill to cut Internet music royalties. It appeared in USA Today on Monday, accompanied by a laser light show.

The Netherlands’ has proposed putting a computer in every prison cell. Prisoners were all for it until they heard the computers would run Windows 8.

The FTC announced this week that Mortgage Investors Corporation has been fined $7.5 million for calling 5 million people on the Do Not Call list. In addition to the financial penalty, those 5 million people also get to call Mortgage Investors Corporation every night during dinner for the next two years.

That’s it for me. Have a great July 4th and, fellas, try not to torch your eyebrows by using too much lighter fluid on the grill.

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