Meet Buttercup, the duck with the 3D-printed foot

This duck was born with a deformed foot, but 3D printing means he will soon walk again.

Buttercup is a duck living at the Feathered Angels waterfowl sanctuary who was born with a deformed foot. But thanks to a 3D-printed prosthetic foot, Buttercup  will soon be up and waddling again.  Buttercup's owner Mike designed the prosthetic foot with AutoDesk 3D, using Buttercup's sister's foot as its basis. using. He sent the 3D model to NovaCopy, which then printed the prothesis.

For now, Buttercup will wait for her leg to heal from multiple surgeries to remove the deformity before veterinarians can attach the 3D-printed foot. You can follow her amazing story on her own Facebook page in the meantime.

[Facebook and Feathered Angels via]

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