Send free photo postcards in the mail with Postagram

Yes, real physical postcards

Postagram is an interesting app for iPhone, Android, and on the web that turns photos into postcards and mails them for you. Previously the service charged $0.99 for delivery in the US or $1.99 outside of the US, but now the company is offering free photo postcards.

The catch? As usual, advertising.

The postcards will still include your photo and personalized message, but they'll also be branded with Postagram's advertising partners, currently Coppertone and Hyatt.

It's not a bad way to send a warm, wish-you-were-here fuzzy feeling to grandparents or other loved ones, though.

The updated Postagram app with the free postcard options is currently available on iOS and is coming to Android later.

[via TechCrunch]

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