How to opt out of AT&T's new targeted ads and mobile alerts

The opt-out process is ludicrous but worth it if you don't like the new privacy policy

In a move that's surprising probably nobody, AT&T recently updated its privacy policy so the company could collect customer data and sell it to advertisers. AT&T emphasizes that this information is purely anonymous and "you benefit" by being shown advertising targeted to your consumer segment. It appears the carrier also wants to send you alerts about partner retailers when you're near them.

If you're not comfortable with this, you'll have to head to, log into your account, and opt out of each service (there are a bunch!) you don't agree with...for every device you use. I'm not an AT&T customer, but according to comments in the announcement of the policy changes, the opt out process is a navigation nightmare.

Note that Verizon also collects and sells aggregated user data and requires you to opt out rather than in (here's how to do that), so AT&T is just following suit.

Still, it's really annoying that carriers are doing this and forcing you to jump through hoops to keep your data out of their money-making advertising schemes.

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