Government Issues BYOD, Mobile Management Guidelines

It's designed for government agencies, but the National Institute of Standards' Guidelines for Managing the Security of Mobile Devices in the Enterprise seems custom-made for any enterprise in any business that is looking for a helping hand in getting their mobile-management strategy started.

I haven't yet had time to peruse the entire document, but if the executive summary is any key, this publication is a great starting point for building your own enterprise's mobile device management blueprint. It's thorough and sensible, with beginning suggestions to craft a strategy, run test pilots, and determine threat possibilities, to level set your needs and expectations for security. If nothing else, the NIST list can be a checklist for your organization, taking from it what you need and leaving out what might be overkill.

What I am wondering as I read through this is whether or not there are other similar resources out there, from government or industry bodies, that try to spell out mobile management basics in a similar fashion? If so let us know. Otherwise download the NIST paper and let us know if it helps you or not.

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