Survey: Your workplace is like high school

Check out the No. 1 adjective coworkers associate with IT's latest survey polled 3,000 full-time U.S. workers and discovered that today's offices are like high school.

Specifically, workers were asked whether cliques exist and how they affect workplace culture.

The survey revealed truths that many of us hoped were relics of the past: cliques exist in nearly half of U.S. offices (43%).

Even worse, 1 in 5 employees have done something they were not interested in or didn’t want to do just to fit in with co-workers, such as:

  • Watched a specific TV show or movie to discuss at work the next day: 21%
  • Made fun of someone else or pretended not to like them: 19%
  • Pretended to like certain food: 17%

Happily, 0% reported getting a swirly in the boys bathroom. Hurry up and finish reading this, you're going to be late for third period...

CareerBuilder also asked employees how they perceive different departments in their organization.

So, if your office is like high school, the IT Department would be Most… Social? No, that's Customer Service. Attractive? Sales. Also, not surprising. Productive? Heh. Production and Quality Control. Intimidating: Legal. No comment. No, IT was deemed "Smartest" by those polled. Not bad, it could have been much worse. via CareerBuilder

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