This season's tax-free weekends are a great time to buy electronics and office supplies

You don't have to be a student to nab great deals this summer, starting this weekend

Several states are again suspending taxes on things like clothing, books, school supplies, and computers and other electronics. This nets you a savings of up to 9% on items normally taxed, whether or not you're going back to school.

Most of the tax-free weekends/holidays are in August, but Mississippi is kicking off the season on July 26, suspending taxes for clothing or shoes under $100.

Although there might not be regular sales in addition to the tax holiday, depending on where you live and what you buy, the savings could be significant. North Carolina, for example, has a 4.75% tax rate or 6.9% combined with county taxes. Computers up to $3,500 are tax free for August 2nd to the 4th (and will likely be the last tax-free holiday for North Carolina, according to HCPress)--so a potential savings of up to $241.50 just for computers.

Check out this site listing participating states in the 2013 tax-free holidays to find out if you should start planning your shopping soon: 2013 Tax Free Shopping--Participating States

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