Will Google announce a new Nexus 7 next week?

Credit: Source: Google Play

While I love my Nexus 7 tablet, that thing is ancient! Over a year old! Rumors are circulating that suggest I can finally send it to its final resting place soon.

I'm kidding of course, the N7 has actually held up really well and is still my favored tablet. But I am interested to see what Google offers in their next iteration.

Yesterday a bunch of press folk were invited to join Google's Sundar Pichai for breakfast on July 24th. No details about the event were given, but speculation I've seen includes Android 4.3, the latest news on Chrome OS, and a new Nexus 7. Maybe all three!

Earlier in the day, Android Authority posted a leaked image from an unnamed retailer that listed prices for a Nexus 2 7" device. Assuming the image is legit, a 16 GB model will be $229 and a 32 GB model will be $269. That's more than the current Nexus 7, which is a little disappointing, but I guess it depends on what's under the hood and what the screen resolution is. All the leaked image says is "quad core."

Maybe it's wishful thinking but leaked prices + press event = new hardware in my mind. I'm envisioning a new Nexus 7 running Android 4.3 and sporting a nice high resolution screen (I've heard 1980x1200 mentioned). I'm really curious to see if they go with a Tegra 4 or move to a Snapdragon processor.

[Update: After I'd submitted this post (I don't really write them at 6 am every morning) we got even more leaks. Engadget was sent evidence that OfficeMax will be getting the new Nexus 7 in their inventory, but not necessarily on store shelves, by the 20th of this month, and Android Central was sent some pics that are supposed to be the new tablet. Their keen eyes picked out that the device would be running Snapdragon. Assuming this is all legit.]

Whatever they build, I'll probably buy one since I'm a fan. What about you? (I'm going to be so disappointed when the 24th rolls around and the event is really to talk about a new API for Google Maps or something.)

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