How to re-energize your employees

Checked-out employees aren’t a lost cause, here’s how to get them back

A recent Gallup poll finds a mere 30% of U.S. workers engaged in their jobs.

And just to be clear (or depressing), by "engaged" Gallup means: "employees work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company. They drive innovation and move the organization forward."

30%? Yikes.

The other 70% are just doin' time - or looking for a more compelling job on your time.

But checked-out employees aren't a lost cause. Leadership expert and author Susan David notes there are ways to rekindle employees' enthusiasm and passion for their work.

First, instead of focusing on what's going wrong - why employees aren't engaged - examine what's going right.

"Figure out what's already working in your business, and find ways to replicate it," David writes. "Go to the most engaged individuals, teams and business units, and help others model what they do."

Then, encourage a grassroots effort to spread that enthusiasm. The "grassroots" part is key - after all, you can't force someone to be passionate.

"Empower your people, particularly the most engaged employees, to share stories, exchange ideas and disseminate best practices across the business," David continues. "With the rise of social media and digital workplace technologies, it's easier than ever to connect employees and make engagement contagious."

Lastly, check back on the subject often. Engagement is not a topic you can address and then declare, "Great! Well, we're all set on that. Let's circle back in a year."

"Research shows that engagement fluctuates daily, and with changing circumstances," David notes. "What engages people during a surge in business may be very different from what helps them bring their best selves to work in a recession. To keep your organization engaged, you must remain engaged, curious, and connected yourself."

via Harvard Business Review

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