Government IT employees get to have all the fun [CARTOON]

The government’s new approach to dealing with problematic hardware is catching on

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Problem(s) solved!

Based on this cartoon you can probably guess what my favorite tech story was this week. When I heard about the government destroying that computer equipment they (incorrectly) thought was infected with malware, my brain jumped to a vision of government managing health care: “Oh, you feel sick? We can fix that for you. Here, let me get a sledgehammer...”

Anyway, let’s end the week by taking a quick spin through the big tech stories of the past couple of few days...

The U.S. government destroyed $170k worth of IT equipment thinking it was infected with malware. To make matters worse, they used a $500 hammer.

Venezuela has offered Edward Snowden asylum. That means he’s now one flight-stuffed-in-a-FedEx-box away from freedom. 

An original Apple 1 computer sold this week for almost $388,000. The buyer opted to not spend more for one with a retina display.

Microsoft announced a corporate reorganization on Thursday. The company will now be organized into 8 brightly colored, square departments.

It was learned this week that hardware used by broadcasters for emergency transmissions could be hacked. On the plus side, this means hackers could disrupt Honey Boo Boo.

Apple filed plans in Nevada this week to build a solar power plant. The plant will generate all the power for Apple’s new data center and resort casino.

Microsoft announced this week that they’ll be shutting down MSN TV on September 30. That gives current users approximately 2 more months to feel like idiots.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has asked the Supreme Court to end NSA surveillance. The news was first broken by the NSA.

A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that Apple colluded with publishers to set e-book prices. Apple has vowed to appeal and to seriously mess with the judge’s iTunes account.

A solar-powered airplane completed a two-month cross country trip on Sunday. The pilot said the only problems were a slight tear in the wing and the lack of beverage service.

Enjoy your weekend!  Remember: if you think your computer is infected with malware, try some anti virus software first; save the sledgehammer for a last resort.

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