How to wash your hair in space: A video primer

It's just like washing your hair on Earth, except really not!

Credit: Image credit: Flickr/georgewk

Traveling in space can be hard on an astronaut. You lose bone mass, you can't burp, you get nauseous and you can't stop sweating. As you might imagine, that last one can wreak havoc on personal hygiene. Not only might you stink up the International Space Station or your spacecraft, your hair can become an unholy, matted mess. Who wants to circle the globe or be representin' to aliens looking like that? Not Karen Nyberg, a mechanical engineer and the only female astronaut currently aboard the ISS. Nyberg, 43, has long blonde tresses that demand care and attention, whether they are hanging naturally on her shoulders or sticking straight up in a weightless environment. Below is a video of Nyberg demonstrating how she washes her hair in space. If you're one of the thousands of crazy people hoping to colonize Mars, take notes.

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