KPMG Survey: Cloud, Mobile Will Keep Driving Innovation

Over the last few years, there has been an incredible amount of business innovation enabled by cloud and mobile technologies. And according to a survey of business leaders, we're just at the start of that innovation curve.

Auditors KPMG today released some statistics from a survey they conducted of more than 800 technology leaders at businesses big and small. According to those business leaders, cloud and mobility will continue to drive business innovation for the foreseeable future, aided also by biometrics (think Google Glasses) and big-data technologies.

If you think about it, there should be really no surprise that business technology leaders feel so strongly about cloud and mobile, as well as biometrics and big data. Though it seems like smartphones have been with us forever, we are only in the sixth year of the iPhone, and really only into the first year or two of having mobile wireless networks that could keep up with the new powerful handheld devices. That means that the innovation curve for things like business processes and application development is just starting, which is probably the reason why the tech leaders surveyed see only more innovation ahead.

The question for you and your business is not whether you should use mobile or cloud, but instead how those technologies can and will change the way your business is run. And that means looking not just at your own processes, but also at what your customers are doing, or what they want to do. Part of moving to mobility and the cloud is making sure you look at things from the client or user perspective as well as from the stratgic IT development perspective. 

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