Are You Still an IT 'Santa Claus' When it Comes to Device Purchases?

Do your users still look at your IT department as Santa Claus when it comes to mobile device purchasing? That's the great question asked in this recap of a recent meeting of minds,summarized by futurist Thornton May. (If you ever have a chance to attend a Thornton May seminar, do so. His topics and presentation are typically excellent, and always helpful for CIOs and IT professionals.)

Historically IT departments and CIOs have led the way in choosing technology for enterprises. And in the old days of mainframes and client-server computing, that made a lot of sense. Expensive, strategic decisions had to be made to ensure the business moved in the direction it wanted to. But the move to a mobile workstyle and the proliferation of consumer devices and services entering the enterprise has changed the buying pattern, maybe forever.

Here's a great snippet from the May piece on, which encapsulates the thinking around why IT shouldn't be Santa anymore:

"As Barbra Cooper, the recently retired CIO at Toyota Motor Sales USA, remarked, being a "device Santa Claus" is not truly strategic. IT can keep on fighting to be included in every purchase decision in the company, she said, but it will turn out to be a fight without end. The better long-term strategy (that is, looking out five years) is to educate business people about how to buy technology."

Is this the path you are headed down? Providing more info so your employees can make smart and safe purchases? Or do you still dress up in red and bring devices to your workers?

Let us know your thoughts at the Mobile Enterprise 360 community.

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