Save offline maps in Google Maps for iOS with this 'easter egg'

It's a hidden feature, but yes you can cache maps offline

After Google revamped its Google Maps across all platforms, the ability to cache maps--so you can view them without an internet connection--seemed to go missing on the mobile platforms. Turns out there's a secret way to save your maps for offline use.

Google is rumored to be working fast on the offline maps shortcoming (and on Android, they fixed the problem with a "make offline" button the day after the new release), but until that fix comes to iOS, you'll need to use this hack:

When you're in an area where you have internet connection (either Wi-Fi or 3G/4G), simply type in "Ok maps" (not case sensitive) in the search field, press enter, and you'll get a notification at the bottom that the on-screen map has been cached.

That is, unless the area doesn't support "map pre-loading," in which case you'll be told.

The next time you're in that location, you should be able to pull up that map and zoom in to the map details.

It's definitely not a perfect hack, and Google should be fixing it soon...but until then, that's the hidden cache feature. [via CNET]

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