How to get rid of Gmail's new email ads

Google has started placing ads within users' inboxes. Thankfully, you can turn them off.

Not long after rolling out its new tabbed interface for Gmail, Google is updating one more thing: advertisements. Ads are now showing up like email messages within users' inboxes. Here's what that's all about and, if you're not keen on the idea, how to turn it off.

The new ads are placed under the "Promotions" tab along with your other emails, highlighted in a pale yellow background, and marked as ads.

Screenshot via @guilliantonio

Sarah Perez explains on TechCrunch that these aren't really emailed ads--that is, Google's ad partners haven't been given your email address and sent you these messages. They're more like replacements to the web clips that previously appeared above the inbox.

Still, the confused and angry response to this new development is understandable, since few of us want unsolicited ads that look like email messages further cluttering our inboxes. (And, in fact, they work like emails, in the sense that you can forward these messages to others.)

Not everyone is seeing these new ads, since they're supposed to be targeted offers. But if you're using the new inbox tabbed interface, you may see them at some point in the future.

So. Here's how to turn it off: Either get rid of the Promotions tab or disable the new tabbed interface altogether.

To get rid of the promotions tab, which auto-pulls in deals and marketing offers from your inbox, click on the plus "+" sign to the right of the tabs. Deselect the "Promotions" category. Or deselect them all and go back to the old inbox you sort of have more control over.

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