Negotiating salary? Don’t say this

3 statements to avoid when talking money with your employer

You're close to the finish line on landing a new job and it's time to talk money.

Whatever you do, do not utter the following three statements, advises Colette Ellis, founder of InStep Consulting.

"What does this position typically pay?"

Sure, you hear yourself say that, but your potential employer hears: "I'm too lazy to find out myself."

"It shows you haven't done your research," Ellis says.

Chances are organizations that hear this will automatically lower their offer (before they even make it) because of your ignorance of what your peers make. What you don't know will hurt your bank account.

"Yes, that sounds good."

Negotiate, don't settle. You're expected to supply another number - regardless of how good the initial offer is.

"Be prepared to come back with examples of your skills and value that support your worth," Ellis says.

"...but I'm flexible on that."

For a hiring organization, this translates into, "Forget any number I mentioned in the beginning of this sentence, I'll take less."

If a potential employer can't meet your number, see how they could make it up in other areas: stock options, bonuses, etc.

via CBS MoneyWatch

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