When it's wise to turn down a promotion

How to keep the job you love without committing career suicide

When it comes to the workplace, the goal is clear: advance, advance, advance.

But what if you love your job and want to stay put? When everyone else is climbing the corporate ladder, is it career suicide to stay on the same happy rung indefinitely?

Career experts say you can keep your dream job, but they note it's imperative you take a few steps to make it happen and ensure your skills and influence continue to grow.

Tell your boss.

You don't know your manager's plans. If he or she is quietly grooming you for a promotion without your knowledge - one you don't want, by the way - it's best to be upfront about your intent. This saves your boss a lot of time and effort. Imagine the fallout if your boss does all the work to line you up for a promotion, only to hear, "Actually, I'd rather stay where I am."

When stating your desire to keep your current position, it's also critical you use positive wording such as, "This job is an ideal fit" or "it's the role in which I can have the biggest impact." You don't want to be perceived as unmotivated or a "blocker" - an employee who stays put and roadblocks others' careers.

Understand why you don't want a promotion.

If you don't want a larger role in your organization, ensure it's because you truly love that you do and not the case that you're afraid of failure if you advance.

Examine the the road ahead.

If you don't move up, someone else will. Examine who may be on the management path and ensure you can work for whoever may surpass you.

Expand your skill set.

Just because you have the same job doesn't mean you can't grow your expertise and become more valuable. Learn your colleague's jobs so you can pitch in when needed.

via The Wall Street Journal

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