Can you guess the top ten sources of people's passwords?

Hint: People choose what they know

Google surveyed 2,000 web users to find the most common types of passwords they use. The results aren't really shocking, but strongly suggest it'd be really easy to hack into an account for anyone you know.

That, and lots of people own pets.

Here are the most common things people base their passwords on, according to the Google Apps survey:

  1. Pet's name
  2. Significant dates (like a wedding anniversary)
  3. Date of birth of close relation
  4. Child's name
  5. Other family member's name
  6. Place of birth
  7. Favorite holiday
  8. Something related to favorite football team
  9. Current partner's name
  10. The word "password"

Step one in creating stronger passwords: Use a random password generator (like those built into password management programs like LastPass and 1Password), so you can resist the urge to use "Fido" to secure your online accounts. Pass this along to someone you love.

[via ITProPortal]

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