What's Your Tablet Strategy?

Mobile workforces are buying lots of tablets for BYOD and Mobile Workstyles -- what's your strategy for managing tablets?

It was tablet management week at Mobile Enterprise 360, with several stories in the news revolving around the idea that more tablets are coming to your enterprise environment -- and you need to craft a tablet strategy sooner, rather than later.

More tablets? That seems to be the consensus among researchers these days. We've seen reports from folks like Forrester who say enterprises are going to spend more on tablets, more so than other devices. So what does that mean for enterprises? One researcher sees a future where Android tablets and Microsoft tablets replace iPads in the enterprise. We respectfully disagreed. Where do you stand on the subject? Will it be iPads forever? Or will the Android revolution hit your shores?

Another question about tablets is whether enterprises should buy them for employees, or whether employees should BYOD. From a security and privacy standpoint, it makes sense for enterprises to buy tablets, since that removes the wariness some folks have of allowing IT to manage their personal devices. My take is, just buy some tablets and let mobile collaboration bloom spontaneously. Do you approve of me spending your budget this way? Or do you still see tablets as toys?

We also talked a little cloud last week, in addition to all the tablet discussion. One big emerging cloud play is how enterprises are using cloud services for backup and recovery. Seems to make sense, especially if you can find cloud providers not in your geographic area who still have good response times. Anyone out there using cloud for backup and recovery? Come on over to Mobile Enterprise 360 and join the conversation.

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