Google Chrome is getting more touch-friendly

Great for touch PCs: The latest browser test build will let you swipe to navigate, pinch to zoom, and more

Now that Google has a touchscreen Chromebook and more Windows laptops are getting a touch interface, browsers (and other apps) will need to adapt. Chrome's latest Canary build shows off some of the new touch-friendly features Google is adding to its browser.

As The Verge reports, owners of touchscreen PCs will now be able to swipe left or right to go back or forward in your web history and pinch to zoom. It looks like the browser will also enlarge certain elements (such as URLs in the omnibar) to make them easier to tap with our fat fingers.

This update can't come too soon for Chrome users who also use touchscreens. Chrome--and other browsers--trail far behind Internet Explorer 10 when it comes to using touch. 

You can download the Canary build for Chrome to test out the experimental features or wait until they become final in the stable version. Don't forget you can also tweak Chrome to make it better for touch, and use things like drag-and-drop and fix annoyances like tiny tabs and icons. 

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