Is managing BYOD impossible?

Or can you take simple steps to find a workable, profitable plan to manage mobility?

Is managing BYOD impossible? That's the opinion of some smart folks, who say that introducing things like mobile device management and containerization schemes goes to cross purposes of the ease of use of mobile devices. But to our thinking at Mobile Enterprise 360, having BYOD without management is the real unthinkable path.

In a couple posts this past week we explored walking the tightrope of BYOD management, and then outlined a common sense approach to the same topic, along with a link to a white paper that gives some good starting steps toward a sound management program. Take a look and tell us what you think.

On the device news front last week, the big headlines were about Apple's sales numbers. While they might not have pleased financial analysts, we said it's hard to deny that it's still an Apple-centric world out there when it comes to mobile devices. Are you seeing the same things we are? Or are there different devices in your enterprise?

We also took a quick look last week at whether or not enterprise employees trust their companies when it comes to managing their personal mobile devices. Does your company have a BYOD trust gap? Why or why not?

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