Jump-start your career

3 ways to stop feeling stalled and start moving forward

Regardless of the number of years under your belt, the unpleasant sense of feeling stagnant in, bored with or tired of your job is not unique.

It manifests itself in different ways, but business author Robert Steven Kaplan says there is one common denominator: You can pull out of it.

The key, he notes, is self-awareness, which you can obtain and utilize the following ways:

1. Assess your skills strengths and weaknesses

Examine your strengths when it comes to areas such as communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, constructive criticism, interpersonal skills and more. A mismatch between what your job requires and your strengths is a common problem for those unhappy in their jobs, Kaplan notes.

But the disparity doesn't mean you need to be an expert in all areas. Instead, he advises playing to your strengths - do what you do best and delegate your weak spots to those who are more skilled.

"This is a lesson I learned in my own career: the capabilities of my assembled team needed to fit with my own skills and deficiencies," he notes.

2. Identify your passions

Answer the question: "If I had enough money to do whatever I wanted, what career would I pursue?".

"You don't need to immediately decide what action to take or assess whether your dream is realistic," Kaplan notes. "But when you're aware of what you're looking for, it becomes easier to recognize opportunities."

3. Understand why you behave the way you do

Write down your life story and honestly describe:

  • Where you were born.
  • You family.
  • Your youth.
  • Any other key events.

Extracting the story you tell others from the true tale is time consuming, Kaplan admits, but he notes it will pay off big: "Sometimes we know what we should do but can't bring ourselves to do it. We need to understand the internal impediments that are keeping us from taking certain actions."

via The Economic Times

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