Easy fixes for 3 fatal resume errors

Do not, under any circumstances, commit these resume sins.

Resume writing is an art, but there are three nonnegotiable errors that will ensure an immediate trip to the trash.

Fixing these mistakes is easy. Take 5 minutes to read the following reminders and make sure you're not committing the most basic of resume missteps:

Spelling errors and formatting mistakes

It's 2013 and we find it hard to believe this still bears repeating, but it does. If a hiring manager catches a typo or a line breaks unexpectedly in the middle of a paragraph, that communicates one thing. And it's not, "Wow, I'd be a tremendous asset to your organization."

Don't rely on spell-check alone. Yes, run spell-check, then ask an eagle-eyed friend to read your resume. They can catch any weird formatting and words that may be spelled correctly, but are obviously not those you intended, e.g., manger vs. manager.

Cookie-cutter resume

If you have a variety of experience that covers an assortment of jobs, create a version of your resume that best demonstrates how your skills and experience make you a great candidate for a specific position. Again, this is Resume 101, but professionals still submit resumes with the wrong objective statement and experience highlighted.

"Customize," advises career author Ben Weiss. "While no doubt time consuming, it's wise to tailor application materials in a way that presents you as ideally qualified."

Vague value

Don't provide a laundry list of your experience and skills. Instead, state how those skills specifically benefited your former employers and how they would be an advantage for your potential employer.

"Rather than just stating you're creative, explain how an integrated marketing campaign you developed tripled Web site traffic in three months and generated five times as many conversations year over year," Weiss notes.

via U.S. News & World Report

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