Is Government Spying Putting a Chill on Online Business?

Early research shows possible slowdown in cloud services

When the President of the United States steps up to talk about the business problems caused by government online snooping, the problem may be bigger than you think. That's the issue we're digging into deeper today over at Mobile Enterprise 360, mainly because we think the specter of U.S. government intrusions into online activities may be causing more firms to reconsider mobility than originally thought.

If there is one segment of the online market that is probably the first to be hit, it's cloud services, given their inherent existence in the digital virtual world. You may or may not believe that the government snooping can cause billions in lost business as this research suggests, but there probably is some slowdown caused by such concerns.

On more mundane fronts, if you thought the surge to more mobility was over, think again. The latest stats from market research shows more mobile phones are headed your way. And while growth on the tablet front might have slowed a bit, with some new iPads in the rumor mill that probably won't last for long. So we ask -- what's your tablet strategy? If you don't have one, you should.

More good video advice about how to keep communications secure: Watch this video of editorial director Bill Laberis talking with IDG Chief Content Officer John Gallant about harnessing desktop virtualization to meet the challenge of mobile security. 

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