Virtualization as a Cure for Healthcare BYOD

One way to secure mobile devices: Use virtualization, hospital says

This week at Mobile Enterprise 360 we have an excellent user video that describes how one hospital organization uses virtualization technology to help secure mobile devices. If you've been to a medical facility lately, you know that mobility is everywhere, from care providers to visitors and everyone in between. Obviously there may not be a vertical market with more need for security when it comes to protecting sensitive data. So watch our video and pick up some ideas on how virtualization may be part of your mobility security plan.

Also in our coverage zone last week was a conversation about whether or not your enterprise is ready for wearable devices, like Google glasses. The Star Trek-ish look and feel of such things may make you think that you don't need to worry about such science fiction, but the reality is these things (glasses, watches) are coming to market, and they can access data -- so is your network protected from them?

And then there's the story that seems to grow bigger each week as new details emerge -- mainly, the U.S. government's efforts to snoop on digital networks. Some analysts are now seeing multiple billions of business potentially lost because of corporations slowing down things like cloud service use. Is your enterprise holding off on cloud because of potential government intrusion? If so you are apparently not alone

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