Gamescom 2013: What Microsoft and Sony have planned

Gamescom is this week. It officially starts tomorrow but, as happens at E3, the day before official start is 'press conference day.'

What's interesting to me is how Sony and Microsoft are doing marketing differently this summer. Since E3, Sony has been pretty quiet while Microsoft has constantly released tidbits of information, keeping the Xbox One in everyone's mind (for good or ill).

Now at Gamescom, Microsoft is supposed to have "a really short" stage presentation, according to Phil Spencer, Corporate VP of Microsoft Studios. (It's actually already happened by the time you read this.) Microsoft isn't live-streaming their event. However on Wednesday Spencer is delivering the opening keynote for the show, and I'm sure that'll be a nice opportunity to talk up Xbox One, though word is that won't be streamed either. [Source: Joystiq]

Sony, on the other hand, is taking a more traditional route and having a big press event that will be live streamed. GameTrailers has a 3-hour event planned around it, though some of that will probably be pre- and post-show content. I'm guessing the Playstation Press Conference itself will run around two hours.

Presumably Sony has a lot to tell us because it's been so hush-hush for the past couple of months. Personally I'm hungry for some fresh Sony news!

I'm not sure why Microsoft would opt not to live stream their event, even if it is short. Word is, both companies are going to be announcing launch dates today, and Microsoft says it has one more exclusive to reveal.

Oh, and yesterday Microsoft listed 50 titles coming to Xbox One, indicating in the list which are exclusives or timed exclusives. There's some hi-jinx involved, though, since for instance they list Minecraft: Xbox One Edition as an exclusive, which I guess technically it is, but of course you can play Minecraft on PC or mobile devices right now. Titanfall is also listed as an exclusive, with a footnote admitting that it's also coming to PC. So not really an exclusive at all.

Anyway, Ars Technica took the list and sliced & diced it in a bunch of different ways. For instance they identified 19 "Xbox Platform" exclusives but also note that 16 of them are being published by Microsoft. This reaffirms the general feeling that true third-party exclusives this generation will probably be quite rare, given that the PS4 and Xbox One have such similar architectures. There's very little reason for a third party developer not to publish on both platforms (other than bags of money handed over from either Microsoft or Sony in exchange for exclusivity).

What news are you hoping to get out of Gamescom this week!?

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