Curse to get past automated answering services and through to a real person

Swearing will get you directly to customer service agents who are standing by

Press 1 if you know your party's extension. Press 2 if you'd like to know our business hours. Press 3 if you're calling outside of business hours...Press 9 if you forgot all the previous options. Automated answering services are a nightmare. This is a good time to start cursing.

Motherboard points out that swearing at Apple's automated customer service will put you through directly to a customer care tech. The trick works with other companies as well, Lifehacker reported a while ago. Apparently IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems are sensitive to foul language.

So if you've ever felt like cursing while stuck in a labyrinth of menu options, held hostage by elevator music and robo-voices, don't hold back. You might just get to talk to someone sooner.

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