So THAT’s how the Hyperloop goes so fast [CARTOON]

Elon Musk explains what makes his proposed supertrain run

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Now we know where the "hyper" part comes from

Who’s excited about the Hyperloop?! This week Elon Musk revealed the science behind his proposed 800 miles-per-hour supertrain. Experts say, while his plan is feasible, there are some practical considerations to still be worked out like, for example, how to get from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes while still making you layover in Chicago for four-hours. In other words, don’t hold your breath.

Lots of good tech-related news this week to have fun with so here we go...

Elon Musk has proposed an 800 MPH train. Here’s how fast it is: 30 minutes after leaving San Francisco, you’d be in Los Angeles and your luggage would be in Portland.

Apple will reportedly introduce the iPhone 5S on September 10. In response, this week Apple fans have started waiting in line for the iPhone 6.

Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg sold $91 million worth of stock in the company. Today she updated her relationship status to “Sugar Mama.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter says he’s going to sneak into Russia to capture Edward Snowden. He risks being jailed for illegal entry and his mullet.

NASA will send a 3D printer to the ISS next year. Astronauts will use it to print things from synthetic resins like tools, spare parts and Tang. was down for some users on Wednesday. Affected Outlook users knew something was up when they weren’t cursing at Outlook.

Cisco is going to eliminate 4,000 jobs. On the plus side, they’ve offered to route terminated employees to the unemployment office.

The New York Times website was down briefly on Wednesday. For about two hours that morning, crossword junkies had to turn the Jumble.

NPR launched a redesigned website this week. The new site is soft-spoken, informative and sexy - no, wait, I’m sorry, that’s Carl Kasell.

This week Samsung announced an Android flip-phone. It comes with Android 4.1, dual touchscreens and a whole lot of grief from your buddies.

OK, I'm done. Have a great Hyperloopy-weekend, everyone!

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