Inside the hottest-growing tech job states this year

New Jersey, Massachusetts top the fastest-growing tech jobs list

Good news if you live in - or like - New Jersey or Massachusetts. says New Jersey is the fastest-growing state when it comes to creating tech jobs. Through the first half of 2013, the Garden State has grown its tech positions by 5%. That increase is not by accident, Dice notes. The state boasted a similar rate last year and is enticing companies by offering grants to those who create 10 or more new tech positions.

Coming in second through June is Massachusetts, which has already seen more tech jobs created in the first six months of 2013 than in all of 2012. Again, the state is actively promoting job growth through the work of the Mass Technology Leadership Council and state legislators.

Missouri is showing the love to tech professionals by coming in third for the January-June timeframe with a 3.8% job growth rate. The state beat out Texas, New York and Washington to grab the third spot. This year Dice had already named St. Louis as the fastest-growing city in relation to the number of tech jobs posted on the site.

Rounding out the top 5 fastest-growing states are Texas at 3.3% and New York at 2.6%.

Fastest Growing Tech Job States

Jan-June 2013

1. New Jersey - 5.2%

2. Massachusetts - 4%

3. Missouri - 3.8%

4. Texas - 3.3%

5. New York - 2.6%

via Dice

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