Your No. 1 argument for working from home

How to get your boss to let you work from home

If you want to work from home, there is one nearly foolproof argument that will get you the green light (unless you work for Yahoo).

Convince your boss you will be more productive.

Remote workers are actually more engaged and committed than their in-office peers, business expert Scott Edinger tells Business Insider.

"One doesn't have to be in an office environment in order to be highly engaged," he says. "It's been proven that people outside the office are even more engaged."

In order to get the green light to work remotely, Edinger says you need to persuade your boss you will be more productive and get more done outside the office.

In the end, your company pays you for results, Edinger notes. If you're producing more remotely, that's hard to refuse.

"If people are more productive working in that environment on their own, and are better able to produce results, then that's what's in it for the organization," Edinger says. "Whether it takes me 10 or 12 hours isn't of concern. It's the results produced that are needed for my job."

However, not everyone is built to work offsite. Remote workers need to be able to self-motivate and fight distraction or else they will not be the more-productive employees they promised.

"If you're working from home, the real danger is the distraction of everyday life," Edinger says. "All the things that you could be doing are right there. Whereas in the office, maybe you'll make some personal calls, but for the most part, you're disciplined by work because you’re surrounded by them."

via Business Insider

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