Avoid 8 simple resume mistakes

Take a few minutes to ensure your resume is free of common missteps.

Hold on, just a minute.

Before you send out your resume, take a few minutes - just a few - and ensure it doesn't contain any of the don'ts listed below, as detailed by business expert Art Koff at MarketWatch:

1. Don't list your cell phone as your contact number if you've got a goofy voice mail greeting. If you did - and you do - re-record it.

2. Don't use an unprofessional e-mail address. Take 5 minutes and get a new Gmail account, just for job searches and contacts.

3. Don't use cliches when describing your experience. Koff says steer clear of "result-oriented,” “self-motivated,” “dynamic,” “team player,” and “proven track record." Use descriptions that match the job posting.

4. Don't include client names without permission - especially if you were self-employed and you described what you did for the client.

5. Don't include specifics, other than dates and names, of jobs you held long ago. Some experts set the cutoff date at more than 10 years, unless it's relevant to your prospective job.

6. Don't use old, passive phrases such as “responsible for” or “duties included." Go with the more active “managed” or “oversaw”.

7. Don't minimize your accomplishments at the expense of describing your former job. Accomplishments are what hiring managers and recruiters want to see.

8. Don't forget to create a text-only version of your resume. "This will preserve the formatting when uploading into a company text box. Word documents don't formulate properly when placed in a text box," Koff notes.

via MarketWatch

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