Unisys going on offense in server and security markets

Forget firewalls. Set your endpoints to go dark.

Unisys CEO Ed ColemanImage credit: Unisys
Unisys CEO Ed Coleman

Unisys is going on offense.

That's the very clear message from CEO Ed Coleman, who says a new software-focused data center strategy and powerful new security technology will enable the usually quiet Blue Bell, PA-company to take up the attack in vital market segments and shake up customer views about Unisys. In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Coleman spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant and Computerworld reporter Pat Thibodeau about the company's strategic partnership with Intel to bring Unisys's mission-critical server software to RISC, Windows and Linux servers. He also provided insights into Unisys Stealth - a security technology that, well, sounds too good to be true - and explained how the company's services strategy is shifting to capture high-growth opportunities.

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