How to delegate better: 4 simple keys

Practical steps for improving your delegation skills

Managers who delegate well make it look easy and those who don't make you want to run the other way.

Entrepreneur and writer Ilya Pozin offers 4 tips for improving your delegation skills - recommendations that will empower your staff and free you up for more important to-dos.

1. Settle for 80%

Pozin argues that getting 80% of a project completed is enough to move on to the next. "As long as your goals are met, don’t sweat the small stuff," he tells The Next Web. "The last 20% can take the longest to achieve and it often has diminishing results, anyway. You’ll get more done by moving to the next tasks and improving things as they come along."

2. Stop micromanaging and/or owning tasks

It's exhausting for boss and employee. "Thinking you’re the most knowledgeable and efficient person to handle every single task is one of the most poisonous mindsets you can have," he says. "You’re not only proving your distrust for your employees, you’re also wasting countless amounts of time and energy."

In the same vein, completely let go of the duties you have delegated. "Give full ownership of the task to the person you want to accomplish it. Stop babysitting your employees and trust that they will be able to accomplish a project in their own way. Limit your guidance to providing them with an achievable outcome."

3. Stay focused on your priorities

By this, Pozin advises a singular focal point for management: "Ensure you’re only tackling the tasks that affect company growth."

4. Set standards for delegation

Pozin recommends passing on any administration duties, such as appointment and calendar management, billing, office management, etc. to others, so you can concentrate on company growth. "Make sure you’re critically evaluating your daily tasks to eliminate those without concrete goals and focus on those you can’t do without," he notes.

via The Next Web

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