Epix on PS3, Warner Archive on Roku, and House of Cards on... Blu-ray?

Credit: Source: Warner Archive Instant

Yesterday was another one of those strange days when a few streaming media news items all hit at about the same time. I often wonder if there's a super-secret government agency pulling the strings of the streaming industry...

OK probably not, so let's cover what happened.

First up, Epix arrived on the Playstation 3, with a promise to come to the Playstation Vita in the near future as well. While the app is free, Epix is a subscription streaming service that you have to purchase through your cable provider. There's a 14-day free trial available to all, though, and Playstation Plus subscribers are supposed to get a free movie every week even if they're aren't subscribed. Another nice PS+ perk I guess.

Next up, Time Warner launched Warner Archive Instant. As the name suggests, this service offers older content, but at a modern price: $9.99/month (though a two week free trial is available). At this time your viewing options are limited to a personal computer or a Roku device, though I'm sure we'll see apps coming soon.

I'm really conflicted about Warner Archive Instant. On the one hand it's kind of neat that I can watch Johnny Weissmuller in Tarzan and the Amazons or Bob Denver in Gilligan's Island whenever I want. I'm just not sure $10/month is the right price for such a service. $5 sounds closer to the mark.

Last up is news that for once, content is moving against the normal grain. Netflix's House of Cards series is making the jump from streaming to physical media. A Blu-ray version has popped up on Amazon for pre-order ($52.99, shipping June 11th, 2013).

Speaking of Netflix, have you seen the werewolf transformation video from the upcoming Netflix Original Series Hemlock Grove? Warning: it's pretty graphic and gory and definitely NSFW::

Hemlock Grove arrives on April 19th.

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