How to add Google Calendar events to Windows 8

A workaround from Microsoft reconnects Google Calendar and Windows 8

Google has disabled Exchange ActiveSync support in Windows 8, which means the Windows 8 Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging apps can't sync with the popular Google Calendar. Microsoft offers this workaround, however: Export events from Google Calendar to and then connect to the Windows 8 Calendar app.

It's a clunky workaround, but it works. According to Microsoft's instructions, all you need to do is export the Google calendars you want to connect to your Windows 8 Calendar app, sign into and import the ICS file, then add the account to the Calendar app.

Unfortunately, this just imports the current calendar events. If you want to continue receiving new events (or updates to previous ones), people will have to send the events to your email address for them to appear on the Metro apps. Alternatively, if you don't need to update or edit new events, you can subscribe to your Google Calendar from using the ICAL URL address.

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